António Machado


Musician and composer who works in many different acoustic and electronic styles, playing a variety of instruments and programming music computers and synthesizers.
Director of Passos e Compassos (cultural project), where he develops projects as a sound and lighting technician, creator, musician and composer.
Has produced soundtracks for more a hundred performances and performs regularly live, playing keyboards, and electronic/ MPE instruments.
He began his studies in music at the age of ten, at the Academia de Música do Centro Cultural de Beja.
In 1993, he attended the Frank Kollges Workshop, Rhineland-North Westphalia Festival, Acarte/ Gulbenkian.
He played in philharmonic bands for several years, where he learned to play various instruments.
Self-taught, he dedicates his time to studying music and to innovative and avant-garde projects.
Member of the band Anonimato, with which he recorded two albums and performed in several venues.
Participated in Devcon da Eigenlabs 2012, Denver/ UK and played Eigenharp Alfa in a Concert/ Gala, in Luxemburg.
Promoted Encontros 3EEE, Santo André/ Portugal, Gor-Granada/ Spain and Palmela/ Portugal respectively in the years 2015, 2017 and 2019.
Participated in the 1th ContinuuCon, Ashville/ EUA, 2016 and in the 3th ContinuuCon Paris/ France, 2018. In 2023, hosted and co-organize the ContinuuCon in Palmela/ Portugal.

ContinuuCon 2023 Palmela/Portugal

António Machado – Tempo – ContinuuConcert


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